Modern Mining & Technology Sudbury (MMTS) 2021 Bursary Opportunity


MMTS’s objectives are to partner with the mining industry, government, educational institutions to educate and enlighten youth about the broad range of modern mining and technologies related careers in Greater Sudbury and Northern Ontario. 


MMTS enhances public awareness of all aspects of modern mining, from exploration, development, mining and minerals processing to cutting-edge research, global innovations and state-of-the-art technologies. MMTS serves to promote the interests of those engaged in modern mining, technologies and related businesses. 


The goal of MMTS is to excite young people about the future of mining innovation in Greater Sudbury. The next generation has to be educated about the abundant variety of career options available to them, and our community has to be proud to live in a place that is recognized world-wide as a centre of mining and technology excellence.


Bursary Eligibility

  • Full-time student (first, second, third or fourth year).

  • Enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate (masters, doctorate), technology or skilled trades program related to the mining industry.
  • Enrolled in a minimum 2-year program at one of the following post-secondary Ontario institutes:
    • Laurentian University
    • Cambrian College
    • College Boreal


Eligible Areas of Study

Students studying in programs that lead to careers in the mineral resources Industry will be considered (examples include but not limited to: Engineering, Geosciences, Environment, Biology/Ecology, Chemistry, Physics, Common Core, Health and Safety, Indigenous studies, Business and Management, Heavy Equipment Technician, Robotics, IT, Electrician, Occupation Therapy, Welding, and Fabrication Technician).



A total of three bursaries will be awarded.

One (1): Laurentian University valued at $1000

One (1): Cambrian College valued at $1000

One (1): College Boreal valued at $1000


Application Process

Application by email to by September 30, 2021.


Application to include:

  1. Name, Address, Email, Phone number
  2. Name of Educational Institution and Degree/Diploma enrolled in
  3. Proof of enrollment. Including a picture of your Student ID card
  4. 3-minute video on why you decided to a pursue a career in mining or mining related field. Creativity is encouraged!
  5. 300-500 words written essay on how you are engaged to make a positive contribution to the community and specifically what volunteer activities you are involved in and why.



All applications must be received on or before September 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Selection Criteria

All applications received on or before the deadline and that meet all bursary eligibility requirements will be reviewed and scored based on a pre-set list of criteria.


Successful applicants will be notified in writing. Successful applications will also be celebrated and promoted publicly through a Press Release, MMTS website and through MMTS social media accounts.


We thank everyone for applying!