Zatio Fofana

Bachelor in mining engineering, Laurentian University
4th year Mining engineering

Why a career in mining?

First of all, I have always wanted to be an engineer. Since I was a kid, I have been attracting to resolving problems, mathematic, or enigmatic issues. So being in a related field was kind of evidence. My mother is an earth science high school teacher, which made me close to anything related to the earth. I started being interested in mining during my last year. It offers many challenges regarding how to go deep into the ground and get what human needs in our society. Understanding how mining is related to most modern world evolution made me want to be part of the people who contribute even on a tiny scale of those upcoming innovations. I want to be part of a career that is always evolving and bringing new opportunities. Then I chose to learn more about mining, and I realize now how much there is still to learn and bring to this process as it is not just going underneath the ground and get the mineral; there is so much more around. Mining, for me, is the crossroad of all other fields.

Why do I love my job?

I love this field because of the challenges that change days to days like it is never dull.  Every day is a new day to learn stuff that you may never have thought about before. During my experience, I realized that teamwork plays a lot in that job.  Every person plays a role that all come together at the end. Working closed to senior engineers, help me improve myself as a student. As an international student at Laurentian University, I struggled five years ago, when I first arrived with all that new environment ( culture, language ). As time passed,  I started to appreciate being in contact with other people from different places and Canadians. I have learned new cultures and new ways to think completely different from where I was coming from. So, this is a lifetime experience that ultimately makes me.

Benefits to a career in mining:

Being in a career in mining is such an achievement and honor. As I said before, being part of it makes me feel like I contribute to the world's evolution. Discover new challenges; new approaches to resolved issues while being in contact with diverse communities.