Stacey Roy

Geologist in Training


Why a career in mining?

I have always had a keen interest in Earth processes and science. After working for many years in the dental field, I decided to return to Laurentian University to complete my B.Sc. degree in geology.   What better place to learn about geology than the Sudbury basin? Sudbury has such a deep and rich history in mining, and world-class geology. The mining and metals industry offers a wide range of career options, both directly and indirectly related to mining itself, including engineering, chemistry, IT, HR, as well as numerous trades. Most people don’t even realize the career possibilities within the mining industry. Mining helps contribute to a strong and prosperous economy. Mining continues to evolve and incorporate new and exciting technologies as well as maintaining a strong focus on environmental sustainability. It is exciting to think I can contribute to that in some way.

Why do I love my job?

I am currently in a Geologist in Training program at Vale. The program spans four years and includes important roles including core logging, in-mine exploration, diamond drilling programs, 3-D modelling, as well as a variety of other opportunities. It’s a very exciting position with the ability to work at multiple plants and gain valuable mentorship from Geologists with years of experience. Every day brings something new and I’m constantly learning. Being able to connect and learn from so many people in different roles within our company is great. One of my favorite sayings is ‘if it’s not grown, its mined’ so in that way we are all connected through mining.

Benefits to a career in mining:

There are so many avenues your career path can take in the mining sector the possibilities are endless. Mining can allow for a career that lets you travel or stay close to home. As a bonus it is an industry that provides very good compensation. As the mining world continues to modernize with a focus on mine digitization, there will be a need for new careers, some we don’t even know we need yet! It’s a very exciting time to be in mining.