Roch Larochelle

Civil and Mining Engineering Technologist Program

Engineering Technologist - Shaft Technician


Why a career in mining?

Ever since I was young, I was always fascinated by heavy equipment and construction. I would always listen to my grandfather talk about doing projects in the underground mines, how he would travel from place to place to work with people around the world. He made a name for himself and is now well know in the industry. Once I was old enough to understand it all, I was hooked! I graduated from the Collège Boréal program of Civil and Mining Engineering Technologist in 2016. Since then, I got my foot in the door with Redpath Mining. In October 2016, I was hired as a nipper at Canadian Royalties Allammaq mine in Nunavik Québec. Greener than the grass outside, Redpath has taught me it is safety is first last and always. I’ve been trained to operate equipment like boom trucks, haul trucks, scoops as well as scissor deck trucks, explosive trucks, MineCats, you name it! During my time at this project, it gave me the opportunity to really see what underground mining was like. I was able to make my way to Red Lake Ontario on Goldcorp property a few years later to construct 2 large truck chutes. From operating heavy equipment, to building steel structures in the depths of the earth, I knew that the technical side of construction was just for me.

Why do I love my job?

I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people, learning many new things, travelling all over and the most important having fun on the job! 


Fast forward now, my current position with Redpath is Shaft Technician at Vale’s Copper Cliff South Mine, where we are refurbishing an existing shaft. It is a very unique project. The position allows me to learn new things everyday which motivates me to come to work and face the next task at hand. I can honestly say with the skills I have learned here it makes me a better handyman at home and encourages me to take on more DIY projects. I am very thankful for all the leaders and mentors that have helped me get this far. Without them, I would not know half the things I do today. The shaft is a whole other chapter of mining that I have yet to fully conquer and I would like to broaden my horizons in the near future and hopefully get to work in shaft sinking and eventually in later years supervision so then it can be my turn to train and coach the next generation coming into the field.

Benefits to a career in mining:

Modern mining has changed quite a bit in the last decade which makes it more inviting the new generations to come to favour a career in mining. Everything is getting so technologically advanced, all these tools help making the job easier and more efficient and if anyone is buying top of the line tools and equipment, you better believe it’s the big mining corporations. I think people should be a little more educated and exposed to what mining really is and how almost everything we use on a daily basis comes from the earths core. It’s funny because I talk to some people about what I do and they still have it in their heads that mining is done with pick axes and shovels.


So, if you’re the type of person that wakes up in the morning and wants to make a difference, work hard and provide well for yourself and your family and also have fun at work, maybe a career in mining is for you!