Marcus Thomson


Business Development Manager

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG)

Why a career in mining?

I am probably the exception to the group in that I knew almost nothing about mining until my 30s, having spent the first part of my career working in business and technology roles. However, when the opportunity to work for a service and supply company arose, I jumped at the chance to learn. Now, I work with for Global Mining Guidelines Group - GMG that creates collaborative guidelines for the mining industry, where I get to apply my interests in business and technology to challenges impacting the global mining industry.

Why do I love my job?

Without many experts sharing their knowledge along the way, it would have been difficult to learn about mining. However, the mining community is incredibly positive and generous in helping others. I have had opportunities to visit mine sites around the world, make connections in dozens of difference countries, and continuously learn about fascinating new topics and innovations. Since mining is a fundamental industry that affects every aspect of life, any improvements to the industry's sustainability and efficiency make a big difference everywhere. So, there is a lot of meaning to be found working in mining.

Benefits to a career in mining:

Mining is an industry where results and projects are very practical, and you get to see the success of the industry in action. Big ideas also happen very quickly. For instance, battery electric vehicles for mining were only an idea a few years back. Now mines are being designed around them, and a significant portion of many equipment manufacturers' sales are now electric. Or we hear a lot about self-driving vehicles affecting the world, yet huge vehicles in mining are operating autonomously right now.  So, if someone wants to make a difference working with technology and wonderful people, the mining industry is the best.