Kendra Liinamaa

Industrial Millwright Mechanic, Cambrian College
Millwright apprentice

Why a career in mining?

Good pay, variety as a trades person, interesting experiences.

Why do I love my job?

The variety in shifts, working 10 hour or 12 hours shifts it can be really convenient when booking holidays, or finishing up projects at home. I also love the variety in everything there is with mining how much actually happens above ground as well as underground everything from pumps to crushers to smelting and refining metals so much more than just moving dirt. My dad's a miner and he often says one of his favourite things is stepping on land that no human had ever stepped on before.

Benefits to a career in mining:

For sure the pay and shifts, I'm surprised 10 hour shifts aren't catching on everywhere, having an extra week day is amazing can you imagine not booking time off to go to the doctors, dentist, of whatever else you need to do that week.