Jahanzeb Sohail

Electrical Engineer in Training (EIT) – Product Development

Maestro Digital Mine

Why a career in mining?

My career in mining was developed thanks to opportunities in Sudbury. Being a fresh

graduate and seeking a dynamic industry to apply my skills, mining was where I choose to start my career after talking to a few friends. They love the work they do, the people they've met and the technologies they see coming into the mining sector; all of which excited me for new opportunities to seek in such an industry. Being an electrical engineering graduate from Western University, I was interested in seeing what I could bring to this major industry that has its branches all over the world. Figuring out the nuances in mining took me a while, but once you see the big picture, you truly see the beauty and innovations behind all the infrastructure, processes and products & services. Everything around us from our modern world is mined from minerals, without which we would be stuck in the stone age!

Why do I love my job?

My job focuses on air quality and the safety of miners in the work environment. This may sound simple, but requires an intricate solution to ensure workers remain safe while on-site and underground. Realizing the importance of my role motivates me to ensure the environments are safer, cleaner and more energy-efficient with the help of technology. As mining is an industry that has been around for a while, there are a lot of opportunities to apply new-age dynamic solutions to existing problems. The continuous innovation is an aspect of the job I love as it exposes me to new technologies created by extremely talented individuals. Another reason I love my job is because of the community and the brilliant individuals you get to meet and interact with over time.

Benefits to a career in mining:

  • Trains you to think critically and dynamically towards innovative solutions
  • A well paying industry with a lot of opportunities to grow your skills
  • Exposure to extremely talented individuals and growing companies