Emilie Fournier, P. Geo.

BSc Earth Science (Honors)
Senior Application Analyst
City of Greater Sudbury

Why a career in mining?

I’ve always thought of geology as another language. If you can understand that language, then you can read the rocks like a book and learn the story of Earth’s history. 

When I was a kid I loved collecting rocks. I found it absolutely fascinating that they could all be so different, and I would wonder how and why they looked the way that they did. I wanted to learn that language and read their story. So when it came time to pick a university path I knew there was only one option for me: geology.

I worked for several years as a geologist for exploration and mining sites across Canada, and loved the variety of the industry. I logged a lot of drill core, but I also got to fly in helicopters and bush planes and occasionally got paid to wander around in the wilderness looking at rocks. In 2017, however, I felt like I needed a change. Though it wasn’t my original passion, I always had a knack for computers and software. I applied for a position with a software company that specialized in providing solutions for the mining industry. I didn’t have the software background they wanted but I already understood mining, something that was difficult to teach. They gave me a chance and over the next four years I went from being a Junior Analyst to a Manager, travelling across Canada, to the U.S., Australia, and even Africa.

Why do I love my job?

When I first started learning geology I never expected to leave it, but now I love working in IT. I was able to use my varied and invaluable experiences to transition to my current role as a Senior Application Analyst with the City of Greater Sudbury. Though no longer working directly within the mining industry, I love that I get to use my skills every day to make life easier for the citizens of my home town. And don’t worry, I have not left my geology roots behind. My office space is full of rock samples!

Benefits to a career in mining:

The mining industry offers so many opportunities. You can work in different places, and do so many different things. The various experiences earned can take you to unexpected places, and there is always room to change and grow.