Craig Fitchett

Senior Geologist & Technical Services

Orix Geoscience Inc.

Why a career in mining?

Exploration! I have always been fascinated with the unknown. Traveling to places that few people have ever seen and discovering something new. As an exploration geologist, I have traveled the world and been to many different remote locations. The most rewarding part of being an exploration geologist is seeing the beauty and distinctiveness of rock and the natural environment. 


Earth sciences is a unique discipline that draws upon many other fundamental sciences to understand the mechanisms that generate the various rock formations. Unlike other scientific disciplines, the field application of earth science requires a creative artistic ability. Impartial datasets and poorly documented regions are common themes that leave exploration geologist wondering and dreaming of possibilities. It is this artistic application that is exciting, you never know what you might find.

Why do I love my job?

Getting back to basics and understanding the past exploration is important to identify potentially missed opportunities. Compilation, re-evaluate, and follow-up groundwork are a key part of an exploration program. I began in the mineral exploration industry as a student geologist in 2005, spending my summers prospecting, explaining anomalies, and digging up hidden mineralization.


My current position allows me to continue to explore and look for new mineralization. I’m interested in understanding the controls on mineralization and generating new targets based on re-interpretation of historical data. I have spent the majority of my career leading teams in both the field and office, developing new exploration targets, working on property acquisitions, managing large drilling programs, and mapping programs. However, my passion has always been executing remote prospecting programs to develop new opportunities based on re-interpreting historical data.


There is something about designing and executing a wild mission into remote locations that is exciting. It is the possibility of being the person who discovered the missing piece that leads to a new mine (ore body).

Benefits to a career in mining:

Endless possibilities! With a strong understanding of the natural systems and processes, a person can take on various roles. A career in the mining industry provides great opportunities to continue to grow and evolve. Early in my career I took the jobs that allowed me to travel and see new places. Although with changes in my life I have moved into a position that allows me to be home at night with the family. The beauty of mining is that there is room for everyone to develop positions that suite their lifestyles. As the world continues to change and technology further develops, there are so many new exciting career roles and specialities available for those who are ambitious and looking for a challenge.