Christina Beaton

Environmental Technician Diploma from Loyalist College, 2007-2009 BSc. (Hons), Environmental Earth Sciences from Laurentian University, 2009-2013, Certificate in Geographic Techniques from Laurentian University, 2009-2013
Environmental Coordinator
The Corporation of the City of Timmins

Why a career in mining?

Growing up in Timmins, Ontario, I developed a love for the outdoors. I wanted a career that would align with my interests in the environment, geology and northern Ontario. This led me to pursue a degree in Environmental Earth Sciences at Laurentian University.  I knew I would be working in northern Ontario, so what better place to learn than in your own backyard. 

I began working in the mining industry in the summers while completing my degree. I worked in exploration, core logging and wastewater treatment. This experience reinforced my decision to pursue a career in earth sciences. After completing my studies, I began working as an Environmental Technician for McEwen Mining in Matheson, Ontario. The experienced I gained working in the mining industry and working in the field, developed and strengthened my technical skills, knowledge of environmental compliance and ability to problem-solve. 

Why do I love my job?

I wanted a career where I could have the opportunity to work on projects that I am passionate about, in a community that I am passionate about. I moved on from the mining industry to work for a municipality. I landed my dream job as the Environmental Coordinator for the City of Timmins, which happens to be my hometown.

As the Environmental Coordinator, I am responsible for environmental compliance, education and programs such as environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives. The diversity of work, the challenges and personal development are some of the many reasons why I love my job. I know that without a doubt, my education and experience in mining helped prepare me for a long-lasting career in northern Ontario.

Benefits to a career in mining:

A career in the mining industry is diverse and challenging. The skills that you acquire working in mining, whether in the environmental field, geology or both are vast and varied. The mining industry is complex, innovative and technical and therefore provides you with a specialized skillset that will benefit your career development. If you enjoy the outdoors, a career in mining is ideal.