Charles Chamirai Nyabeze

Vice President of Business Development and Commercialization

Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation

Why a career in mining?

My career in mining started with me being a curious young man. From an early age, I developed an interest in how things work. I grew to realize that pretty much everything made by people on earth depends on mining, mining is the cornerstone of all other industries. Almost all the infrastructure around us is derived from mining.

Mining is a complex system of systems and has been liked to a multi-level chess game being played by many people at the same time. I decided on a mining career in 2012, twelve years after I had graduated with a MBA (2000) and a degree in Mining Engineering (1998). My reason for being in mining today is a realization of the linkage between mining, the standard of living, low carbon economy, climate change and the reduction of things like energy consumption, GHG emissions and mining’s overall environmental footprint. The future sustainable mining industry is critical to meet the metal and mineral demands of the planets growing population.

Why do I love my job?

Mining matters to every single human being on earth. Mining is the key catalyst to build sustainable communities. Not a single community on earth today exists without the infrastructure enabled by the minerals and metals from mining. I work in the world of innovation and I love being knowledgeable of bleeding age technologies and sharing them with the world. I am excited at the prospect of working with innovators from other sectors that want to bring their solutions into the global mining sector. As an avid “Innovation Scout” I am excited at the developments in cross-sectoral learning and knowledge transfer platforms that are aimed at bringing the full force of the Canadian innovation ecosystem to address mining challenges. I love matchmaking innovation and challenges “Innovation-Match”.  I run the commercialization division at CEMI which is all about matchmaking innovators to end-users.

Benefits to a career in mining:

According to the labour market information from the Mining Industry Human Resource Council (MIHR), the mining industry offers over 120 different types of jobs that cover all disciplines of work.  This means there is literally a place for everyone in mining. Mining takes place in every country on earth and offers the possibility of travelling and experiencing many cultures. It would be a safe bet to say that people in the mining industry are amongst the most well-travelled and most globally connected people on the planet. If you follow my twitter feed via @charlesnyabeze or follow my LinkedIn postings, you will quickly realize that I am a mining innovation promoter.