Bruno Lalonde

Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Commerce, Certificate in Mining and Mining Technician


NSS Canada

Why a career in mining?

The mining industry is the most dynamic, exciting and technologically innovative industries in the world! In mining, you will always be connected to an exceptional network of experts across many fields from exploration to reclamation, whether it is in your hometown or overseas. The longer you are in the mining industry the tighter knit the relationships become with the people. Being able to collaborate and solve challenges together is one of the most rewarding experiences. Mining offers many challenges underground, however as technology evolves, making our industry safer and more productive, it becomes even more attractive to a variety of specialized fields. The Digital Age of Mining is upon us!

Why do I love my job?

I have been in the mining industry for 15+ years and besides my family there is no other space I’d rather spend my time. I am proud to be the President of NSS Canada and lead a team of driven individuals providing the best engineering measurement systems and mining survey solutions. The constant need for change and innovation in the mining industry keeps me intrigued, adaptable and always striving for more. The employers, projects, connections, and mentors I have made in my career path have shaped me into the individual I am today. Without mining who knows where I would be.

Benefits to a career in mining:

My top five benefits to a career in mining are as follows:

1) Professional Growth – If you are driven there is no limitation. Find a mentor early and hang on!

2) Technology – Mining is the most adaptive to technology than it has ever been. No idea is a bad idea. Pursue your ideas and learn from the best!

3) Connections – The professionals you meet and work with along the way become your community.

4) Global Impact – Mining allows you to push for real change in the world, from an economic standpoint to climate change.

5) Compensation – Mining allows for one of the highest compensations across all industries – Financially and Professionally!