Bohan Wang

B.Eng in Mining Engineering, M.Eng

Engineer in Training I, MTS Department


Why a career in mining?

I got the inspiration of taking engineering as my field from my father, who was a civil engineer in China. My family moved to Canada about ten years ago, and after that, I fell in love with this beautiful land with lots of natural resources, especially minerals. Therefore, I chose mining engineering as my area of study. My passion for mining came from the unique experience I had when doing projects in underground mines. That’s why I love mining so much, and it also motivated me to continue pursuing a master’s degree.

Why do I love my job?

I love to have challenges in my life, and that’s exactly what my job and this mining field can provide me. It involves problem-solving in my daily routine, and I love the feeling when I overcome challenges in my job. I am also a person who enjoys learning throughout my life, and there are always so many things I can learn in mining. I have just started my current position as a mining engineer in training at Vale, and I didn’t have engineering experience before. Therefore, I have learned so much from my colleagues and peers within my work. Another thing I love what I am doing is that my job involves both individual and teamwork, such that there is collaboration, and at the same time, I have the opportunity to work on my own and contribute to my team. I am so grateful that I am doing something I love as my career.

Benefits to a career in mining:

There is a variety of career paths in the mining industry. Besides mining engineering, there are opportunities for so many disciplines, including chemical, mechanical, metallurgy, geology, mining technologist, accounting, business, human resources, and so many others. There are many opportunities for developing and advance in your career path in the mining industry. There are also protentional travel and relocation opportunities since mining is all over the world. Besides, it is also well known that the mining industry provides high compensation.