Baileigh Sirman

Bachelor of Engineering – Mining

Mining EIT (Engineer in Training)

BBA Consulting

Why a career in mining?

I was born in Thompson, Manitoba and although I was surrounded by mining, I had no idea what it entailed, its sort of a closed-door industry. Initially, I wanted to be a Conservation Officer because I loved the outdoors and had spent my summers outside at Paint Lake Provincial Park as a teenager. Attending a University Prep school created a stigma which emphasized university education over college and that influenced my decision to attend university and take environmental science over the conservation programs. However, I quickly realized a science degree wasn’t what I wanted, I met with the Engineering Dean at the time and he suggested I try mining. Finally, I had found something I loved!

Why do I love my job?

I love my job for a variety of reasons. Consulting allows me the opportunity to experience different mine sites, it allows for travel, exposure to different mining methods and cultures. BBA has allowed me to really excel in areas I have a passion for and supporting me along with the activities I enjoy. I have had the honour to present a technical paper at the CIM Conference, a major national mining conference that brings the world of mining to Canada. I have a mining career “blog” Instagram - @amininggirl where I document all the different adventures mining has brought me on. I want to share how exciting the mining industry is with others. I volunteer my time with a few different mining and science initiatives (such as WISE and MECA to name a few). I also run the BBA social committee and we have a little family. Although, these aren’t necessarily technical roles, I think they are just as important. The technical component of mining is challenging and exhilarating at times. Operations and consulting although different, both have their own benefits. Love both!

Benefits to a career in mining:

So many benefits to a career in mining: monetary, community, technical, travel, worldwide opportunity (literally mines everywhere around the world), endless job opportunities and career change/promotion within the same industry. Personally, I am motivated by the excitement of operations. I still get excited to go underground or to the open pit and the local community which is built around mines. I have also met some of my best friends in mining!