MMTS Days @ Dynamic Earth
MMTS is giving away 300 tickets to visit Dynamic Earth on May 3rd & 4th, for free! Get together with family and friends and come join us at DE to discover all that mining offers our community and some of the advancements in the industry. Spend time above ground in the interactive play zones, or head underground to get a feel for how far mining has coming over the decades. Free tickets can be picked up from the MMTS.
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Discover Sudbury Tours
On May 3rd & 4th join MMTS on a free 2 hour tour to better understand how the mining industry has evolved and how the land has been reclaimed. Led by Dynamic Earth staff, learn about the history of the city and evolution of the Sudbury mining complex. Stops include re-greening sites, the first discovery of Sudbury ore, shattercones, and a close look at modern mining technologies. Register in advance by calling: 705-522-3701 x407. There are 40.
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Business Luncheon
Friday May 2nd Hosted by the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) & MMTS, the business luncheon provides an annual opportunity for all members of the mining sector and those interested in the industry to network and to hear from a keynote speaker. Keynote Speaker: Mark Frayne, KGHM International Location: Bryston's On The Park Time:11:45am - 1:30pm For tickets please contact: Paul Reid, 705-674-4455 x4608.
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Wild and Scenic Film Festival
  • This event run by Dynamic Earth is aimed at youth aged 13-18. Join MMTS April 26th from 7-10pm to enjoy award-winning films that capture nature, adventure, conservation, and great stories of human determination and bravery! All films were hand-picked by teens, the lineup can be viewed at:
  • Get your tickets by calling 705-522-3701 and ask about MMTS sponsored tickets!
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French Session – Monday April 28th English Session – Tuesday April 29th The eighth annual MineOpportunity challenge gives participating high schools a unique Dynamic Earth experience that is fun, exciting and educational. This interactive, high-energy game allows students to explore geology, engineering and mining by answering questions and completing activities that are hands-on and curriculum based, including a tailored underground tour. Sponsors of MMTS are given the opportunity to participate in the day’s events through booths, challenge stops and presentations, adding to the.
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Photo Contest
The photo contest is for amateur and professional photographers. Participants are able to upload their photos to our website for members of the public to view and vote on. Launch Date Details Coming!.
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PDAC Mining Matters Teacher Workshops and School Visit
Grade 4 teachers from the Sudbury area will attend a subsidized Mining Matters workshop on April 30 and May 1, to learn how to deliver Earth Science based activities and to use the material in educational kits. Students will enjoy a free visit to Dynamic Earth for special MMTS programming while their teachers are in the workshop. PDAC Mining Matters produces award-winning classroom curriculum kits and has helped educate an estimated 400,000 students since 1997. Visit Read more
So You Think You Know Mining? Video Competition 2014
Online, Due March 21st The Ontario Mining Association is once again holding the video contest for high school students “So You Think You Know Mining”.  Top videos can earn from $2,500 to $5,000!  Check out the contest rules and submit your video on the OMA site! There is $40,000 in total prize money to be won so let’s make sure Sudbury is well-represented. Deadline to submit videos is March 21, 2014..
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Mining Trade Challenge 2013
This interactive day for high school students will have them complete activities such as basic rock and mineral identification, planning a mine, mine equipment selection, basic survey exercise, building a vent wall, and learn about health and safety procedures in the mining environment. These activities will be a part of a competition between schools and teams and the winners will take home a prize. Date November 15, 2013 Dynamic Earth.
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MMTS Photography Contest 2013
The photo contest is for amateur and professional photographers. Participants are able to upload their photos to our website for members of the public to view and vote on. The contest runs from April 15, 2013 to May 12, 2013 and winning photos in various categories will be displayed at events during Modern Mining & Technology Week. Click here to enter now! March-April.
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