Science Cafe – April 24th @ 7:30pm, Taphouse

Engineering to Mine: what will be needed to activate the Ring of Fire? Sitting in the ecologically fragile James Bay Lowlands, one of the world’s richest deposits of chromite and other metals in Ontario’s North are located. The lack of infrastructure is just one of the challenges in opening up these sites to mining development. The remote nature of the deposit sets the need for road and/or rail development to access the sites, as well as effective mine design and plans to ensure impact on the surrounding environment is minimized. Partnerships, consultation and involvement from the area’s First Nations communities is essential to the success of the project. What will mining in the Ring of Fire look like? How will communities engage with the project? Will opening this area of Ontario’s North mark a new era of prosperity for the region?

Our panellists will include:
Alan Coutts, President and Chief Executive Officer for Noront Resources Ltd.
Aime Dimatteo, Director General, FedNor
Roy Slack, President, Cementation Canada Inc.

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