Photo Contest – April 11 to May 20, 2016

Send us your photos of minerals and metals in your daily life. Minerals and metals are everywhere so be creative!

We are blessed with many perks of living in the Greater Sudbury area – not only do we have access to over 330 lakes and a 30 ft. Big Nickel, we are one of the world’s major mining communities. Everywhere you look around us you can find examples of new mining innovations, and minerals / metals that are part of our everyday life.

Submissions will be accepted starting Monday, April 11th through Friday, May 20th, 2016 (deadline 4:00pm). Email your entry to [email protected] (additional information is required, please see below) – all photos will then be posted on the Modern Mining & Technology Facebook page. Click through the images and ‘Like’ your favourites to help determine a winner. The photos with the most ‘likes’ win!

Grand Prize – $350 Henry’s Gift Certificate
1st Runner Up – $200 Henry’s Gift Certificate
2nd Runner Up – $100 Henry’s Gift Certificate
Under 18 (Junior Prize) – $100 Henry’s Gift Certificate

To enter, please email your photo along with the following information:

  • Photo Title
  • Photo Description (where was the photo taken, how does it relate to minerals in your daily life).
  • Your name
  • Your email address (will not be displayed on Facebook)
  • Your phone number (will not be displayed on Facebook)
  • Your age (only for the Under 18 category)

Official Rules and Regulations

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