MMTS Discover Sudbury Days @ DE, April 30 & May 1

1.85 billion years ago, a meteorite struck our region creating a structure now known as the Sudbury Impact Structure. Bring your family and friends on the Discover Sudbury bus tour and walk through time to see how this 10 km-wide meteorite has shaped our landscape! This 2-hour guided tour explores the stories buried in the rocks under our feet, showcases various geological and historical mining sites, and highlights how the local geology and mining has shaped Greater Sudbury. Make sure to download the Discover Sudbury GPS-enabled mobile app to accompany you on the tour!

Note that each Discover Sudbury Bus Tour spot comes with free Dynamic Earth admission for that day!

Tour buses will leave from and return to Dynamic Earth at 10am and 1pm daily. Tours are 2 hours. Please dress appropriately for the weather and for outdoor exploration.

To register in advance for your Discover Sudbury Bus Tour, call 705.522.3701 ext. 413 or email [email protected]. A maximum of 4 (four) pre-registered spots will be made available per individual booking.

Space is limited on the Discover Sudbury tour buses, first come, first served.

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