PDAC Mining Matters Workshops – For Grade 4 Teachers 2013

Grade 4 teachers from the Sudbury area will attend a subsidized Mining Matters
workshop to learn how to deliver Earth Science based activities and to use the
material in the educational kits. During this workshop, the teachers’ students will
visit Dynamic Earth for special MMTS programming. PDAC Mining Matters develops
partnerships in education, industry, and government to establish new initiatives and
produce outreach materials tailored primarily to youth and teachers. These materials
include award-winning classroom curriculum kits, publications such as educator
newsletters and original posters, and a dedicated website. The program has helped
to educate an estimated 400,000 students since it was established in 1997. For
more information, please visit www.pdac.ca/miningmatters.

Teachers interested in registering their class for this event, please contact Claudine at [email protected].

May 1
Funding Dependent

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